The AFMD is proud to share the English translation of its toolkit for the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the workplace.

This kit is the result of an exchange workshop launched in 2013 by AFMD and led by IBM France. Titled “LGBT: A Matter of Equality, a Matter of Opportunity,” this workshop had a dual objective: to present the challenges that companies must address in order to be fully inclusive of LGBT+ people, and then to reflect on the different opportunities that arise from inclusion. Should we conclude from this that inclusive policies present a competitive advantage for companies and that they foster innovation and managerial creativity?

There are many tools available for raising awareness of diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace. This kit intends to add a personal touch by communicating a global message to all of the actors involved in the world of work while also breaking it down by professional function (HR, communications, purchasing, etc.), or according to roles that individuals play as directors, managers, colleagues, etc.

The kit highlights the issues of diversity management policies, provides the tools for fighting against stereotypes, LGBT-related phobias, and discrimination against LGBT+ people, and shows how different actors can address the issues of diversity at their level and in connection with their operational activities.
It includes:

  • Five documents that offer a base of common knowledge to all employees in order to raise awareness of the issues of inclusion of LGBT+ people in the workplace 
  • Three documents that target some professional functions in particular with specific arguments